Outrage pours in as woman sexually assaulted on live TV

Outrage pours in as woman sexually assaulted on live TV

Outrage pours in as woman sexually assaulted on live TV

PARIS: Popular French TV host Cyril Hanouna’s attempt at breaking a national record by appearing on air for 35 hours straight went off the rails when a he helped a man sexually assault a woman on live broadcast.

The woman invited to re-enact how Kim Kardashian West was left tied up in her Paris hotel bathtub by armed robbers.

One of the show’s panelists, Jean-Michel Maire, was given the task to rescue Soraya from the bathtub in the locked bathroom.

After Maire managed to ‘win’ the game, Hanouna said Soraya should give Maire a “victory” kiss.

When Soraya said no, Maire insisted, saying that he thought she actually said yes.

Soraya, however, was adamant. No, she said again.

Hanouna pushed once more, saying, “Just a little peck on the cheek.” Soraya acquiesced, offering her cheek, only for Maire to suddenly press in and kiss her breasts.

Viewers were horrified. The government’s Superior Council of Audiovisual (CSA), which regulates radio and television, tweeted that the agency received more 250 complaints about the incident and that they would be investigating it.

French Minister for Women’s Rights Laurence Rossignol also tweeted her outrage, saying even in an entertainment show when a woman says “no”, it is not a “no”.

Under French law, which constitutes sexual assault as any sexual act involving violence, coercion, threat, or surprise, Maire could face up to five years’ imprisonment and a $82,000 fine should Soraya choose to press charges.

The original post appeared in The New York Times.

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