The Melting Braid Tutorial & 2 Cute Hairstyles

The Melting Braid Tutorial & 2 Cute Hairstyles

Video by : Princess Hairstyles

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This week’s hair tutorial is a fun and unique braid which we are calling the “melting braid,” as it looks like the bottom strand is literally melting away from the rest of the braid. 😉 This technique could be used to create an endless amount of hairstyles and variations. We featured just a few ideas at the end of our video as examples. The braided flower was my daughter’s favorite, since the looped part of the braid looks just like flower petals!

As shown in our tutorial, it may be helpful to work with wet hair, or to add some product (gel, pomade, wax, etc.) to help control flyaways and keep the small strands of hair separated while you are braiding.

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