The Most Detailed Picture Of Milky Way has been Released

The Most Detailed Picture Of Milky Way has been Released


Berlin: Astronomers have released the most heavenly picture of human history  in which our galaxy can be seen very clearly.

The 196 Gigabytes image is of  46 billion pixel in which the elements, stars and other phenomena can be viewed.Germany’s Ruhr University Bochum  Professor Rolf Chini and his colleagues developed this gigantic image by adding hundreds of detailed images and data  collected in 5 years.

They have been looking at a section of the southern sky so large that it needed to be divided into 268 sections, with each section photographed in intervals of several days. It is these 268 sections of photos that the team has stitched together into a massive mosaic of the Milky Way. At 46 billion pixels and a file size of 194 GB, it’s the largest image of space ever created.

The mosaic has been uploaded to an interactive online tool, where anyone can zoom in and scroll around. A coordinates field in the lower left of the screen also acts as a text entry box to search for objects by coordinates, name, or catalogue number. You can also use a pop-up box in the upper left to apply various filters.

You may notice that the colours seem positively subdued compared to the space photos we are used to seeing. This is because the photos have been taken with a narrowband filter that doesn’t let other colours through. This allows the team to get a more accurate reading of light variables.

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